I would like to speak about a movie which call Le parfum by Tom Tykwer. This movie is adapted of a book which name is Le parfum, histoire d'un meurtrier, written by Patrick Süskind.
The story begin in 1738 and finish in 1767. It is the story of a man, Jean Baptiste Grenouille, is born in the most stinking place of Paris: the market of fishes. He is abandoned by his mother when he is a baby. He is collected by several person like the priest Terrier, Madam Gaillard and the tanner Grimal.
Jean Baptiste Grenouille is particular because he has a sense of smell very develop, and when he had 13 years old, he was to possess by a smell. It is the smell of a young girl who has red-hair. He killed her and become soaked of her smell. It is the time where he choose to create the best perfume with smell of woman. For several years, he learns to collect smell and makes perfumes. When he go to Grace for learns other technical, and his killer instinct re-appear, he kill 24 women and create the best perfume.
He is arrested and sentenced to death, the day of his execution, he puts a drop of his perfume, and manage to enchant people, who launch into an orgy.
He realized his dream. He realizes that it is not him that they aimenr but its perfume. He has in his ownership the way of regner on the humanity. But he never exist in the eyes of the others and thus decides to return has Paris to fish markets or he was born, the most stinking district of Paris and empties all the perfume on his. The people in the surroundings are then so much attracted by him, or rather by his flavor, who devour him.

I estimated a lot the movie, as much as the book, the end of the movie is softer than book. Indeed, in movie people don't eat him.
I don't know why i love really this movie and this book, but I really recommend you to read it and to see it, both are worth it.